Money is an energy. Transform all
your negative beliefs related to money.
See it as a benevolent tool and use it
to bring the beautiful, the good and
the true into the world.

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Practical information


Sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes.


The rate for a session is 160 frs / hour.

Sessions not cancelled 24 hours in advance will be charged at half the rate.

The Caisse des Médecins will send you, usually once a month, a bill with a payment slip and a 30-day payment deadline. By registering for my consultation, you agree that I may pass on the relevant personal administrative data you provide to the Caisse des Médecins. This organization processes this information in compliance with the Federal Law on Data Protection.


I am reimbursed by most supplementary insurances.

As supplementary insurances cover costs very differently depending on the contract and the insurance, I recommend that you check with your agency beforehand.


Espace Satyavan
Av. du Midi 3
1950 Sion – Switzerland

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Online therapy

It is currently possible to work online. Indeed, many find it easier and more convenient to explore their issues in the comfort of their home.