For him who has conquered
the mind, the mind is the
best of friends; but for one
who has failed to do so, his
very mind will be the
greatest enemy.
Bhagavad Gita

The FLASH technique

This technique was discovered by an EMDR psychotherapist, Philip Manfield, in 2016. It appeared in response to an observation about EMDR: EMDR sometimes produces miraculous results but it requires reliving very intense moments emotionally and can be emotionally difficult several days after the session.

The major advances of the FLASH technique:

  • Allows you to treat a disturbing memory WITHOUT having to relive the emotions
  • Once you have learned the technique, you can use it on yourself
  • Lasting effect and simplicity of application
  • Can be combined with positive psychology tools to strengthen one’s ressources or increase self-esteem

Sometimes, the FLASH technique is the first step before an EMDR treatment and other times, it is sufficient on its own.