Don’t run away from grief,
o soul, look for the remedy
inside the pain, because
the rose came from the
thorn and the ruby
came from a stone.

EMDR therapy focused on traumatic grief (IADC)

Induced Communication After Death (ICAD) is a brief therapy focused on grief and trauma.

It helps a person to overcome a bereavement by freeing him or her from the deep sadness and other emotional manifestations related to this departure. It allows one to be at peace with the loss and maintain a loving connection with the loved one.

EMDR is at the heart of the IADC method but uses a specific protocol for traumatic grief. The intervention typically involves 2 to 3 90-minute sessions.

Dr. Botkin’s book, Induced After Death Communication: A Miraculous Therapy for Grief and Loss, offers an in-depth explanation of the discovery and development of IADC.